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Kimmy Wu Ma, Master of Art,
School of Education, NYU (1996)
Mrs. Ma successfully completed her graduate studies & art professional training with international exhibitions in NYC & Italy

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She was also selected to attend Instituto Universtario di Architectuttura di Venezia at NYU's Master's Studio Arts program in Venice, Italy, after competitive auditions. With her concentration in painting & art theories, her  thesis aims to conceptualize minimal forms in duality. Her work is often inspired by her origin, using ancient Asian literature Tao Te Ching as her basis, experiment dichotomy in abstraction with environmental elements by layering sand, clay, fiber, wood, metal, glass, mesh grains for textural painting application along with acrylics and ink. As a lead curriculum designer, and a dedicated teaching artist, the artist studio is founded nearly a decade ago with commitment in mentorship, art education & advocacy in our communities
Mrs. Ma engages actively in public arts projects as Queens Library guest lecturer in various branches, and facilitates art education parent workshops for various public schools. While in college, her art participated in Clara E Gli Americani Travel Exhibitions in Italy (1995-97). In NYC, exhibitions included Casa Italian Zerilli-Marimo  for her series of "12/81 Chapters Interpretation"(1995-97); 80 Washington Square East Gallery of "36/81 Chapters of Interpretation" series & thesis group exhibition in Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice, Italy (1995-96); ; W. Wickiser Gallery (1994-95)with "Dreamscape" series. Solo/group exhibitions in photography, woodcut & print making collections at Klapper Hall, QC Galleries (1991-93). While attending graduate schoolshe collaborated several national ad campaigns in spearheading creative briefs (1994-97) for Mercedez Benz, (LVMH) Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton for Hennessy brand, E*TRADE, Citibank & Amercian Express. Her window designs & schematics were commisioned by top cosmetic company for its summer & spring collections (1992-1994). Always enjoy her involvement in art education events and creating  theme-based original designs for public school foyers & performance stages in our community. 
Prior to ARTStudio, in addition to teaching, she had served as Director of Queens campus (1997-99) for Audrey Cohen College, and VP of Account Services (1999-2003) at Admerasia Advertising Inc. Her works have been privately collected by NYC adverstising agencies, NY law offices/legal services & local business centers. She continues to share her passion in art and always aims to work toward the annual art exhibitions with her students at the Art Studio.

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ART Studio's mission is dedicated to provide art enrichment to enjoy as a creative community. Art studio advocates art making as a healthy creative outlet. Our art members are encouraged to make art in an artistically supportive environment,  as they learn various perspectives of looking at art while exploring various mediums. For serious and competitive learners who may want to prepare for an audition, private lessons are available with Mrs. Ma




ART Studio's 90-Minute ART Fundamental during the school year includes supplies; it is designed to enjoy as art recreation.  With a team of collaborative art professionals, our teachers aim to optimize art enrichment, with proficient classroom management, with fine arts resources & supplies. Our Studio's medium based instructions with age appropriate curriculum is designed by Mrs. Kimmy Ma.  M.A./Ed. NYU 1996.


Mr. Christopher Gomez (BFA, Sundays Co-Teacher)

Mr. Chris is a professional cartoonist & holds a BFA from top-ranked the School of Visual Arts in NYC. With ample training in our art studio, and with his work in Manhattan Youth Organization, he has been providing art instructions to students in many middle schools in NYC including: the Clinton School of Writers and Artists, the Riverdale Country School and Brooklyn School of Arts and Science. View Bio & ART Portfolio



Ms. Christine Pandolfi  (BFA, Co-Teacher)

Summer: T/W/TH 4-6pm

School Year, Mon/Tu 4:15pm, Sat. 3:15pm

Ms. Christine received BFA from Hunter College, majored in painting, and has been an active member of National Art League with various exhibitions. She is passionate about art making and enjoys working with younger learners; she is trained under Mrs. Ma in Studio's curriculum format, she teaches art fundamentals during the school year and summer's recreation programs.

View Bio & Art Portfolio